I custom-design, support, and maintain Apple Macintosh-based systems for small-to-medium corporations and institutions, professional firms, and individuals. I am highly experienced in the use of Mac networks and stand alone workstations for creative applications.  


When you need to get something out of your system, let me help you identify and articulate your needs, and evaluate the right combination of hardware and software to complement the way you work.

I can design your next IT environment from the ground up or recommend upgrades and modifications to maximize the productivity of what is already in place. I will discuss the options and my recommendations with you in a language not commonly spoken by IT specialists: Plain English. When you’ve reached your decision, I can arrange the purchases or you can make them through your own preferred supplier. Then I’ll set your new system up with minimal disruption and train you and your staff to get the most out of it.

If you are moving or expanding your office, I will take care of planning and provisioning the infrastructure: phones, internet, and electrical—the entire logistics of IT.       


I maintain Mac OS X servers on an ongoing basis whether you need to share files with your employees, run your own email domain, or serve a database. I will also ensure that your servers and workstations are backed up and will put a disaster plan in place including off-site backups. 

I also handle all aspects of network development and maintenance to keep your employees connected to your office, while keeping the bad guys from accessing your private data.


Once a new or modified system is up and running, I will provide both routine and emergency support: troubleshooting, upgrades, maintenance, migrations, and training of new staff. I will also maintain an inventory of your hardware, software licenses, and passwords. I can make minor out-of-warranty hardware repairs and can arrange for major repairs and Apple authorized warranty repairs to be outsourced, upon request.

I will work with you face-to-face at your location for regular maintenance and projects.

I’m on-call 24/7 for emergency troubleshooting and will meet your needs by the quickest, most effective means possible. Problems and fine-tuning can often be resolved by phone or by accessing your system remotely—I can take secure control of your keyboard and mouse over the internet and work in tandem with you or members of your staff.


macOS Client & Server
SonicWall Enhanced OS
Kerio Connect Mail Server
Scripting & Automation
Apple Remote Desktop
RAID Management
Backup Management
Wi-Fi Networks
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
DNS Management
Password Management
Two Factor Authentication
Security Hardening
Productivity & Task Management
Digital Photography
Adobe Creative Cloud
G Suite Admin
Microsoft Office 365 Admin
Retrospect Server
FileMaker Server
QuickBooks Server / Online
Synology NAS