Hi. I’m Eric deRuiter.

Welcome to my full-service, Apple-centric IT consultancy, where I provide innovative and personalized solutions to every conceivable issue facing Mac-based corporate, institutional and professional clients in New York City. 

I’ve been an Apple Nerd for over twenty years. I work with a wide range of clients and systems from complex networks to stand-alone workstations. I solve problems when they arise, where they arise, 24/7—but the smartest way to put my skills to work for you is to have me solve problems before they arise. I can design, install, tweak, and maintain your system so that it does what you need doing efficiently and with minimum down-time, at a price that makes me the cost- and productivity-efficient alternative to an in-house IT department.

Setting up successful IT systems is about more than simply referring to a checklist of software features. Any system I recommend takes into account the work styles of the people who are going to use it and is designed to ensure easy interaction.  

Bottom line? I can improve yours. Check out the Services tab to find out how. Then get in touch to tell me what problem I can solve—or, better still, help you avoid—today.

Watching Eric work on a Mac, you start to believe he has been doing this since he was born. He solves problems. Not by rote, but by learning and processing your needs and turning them into solutions.
—Richard Glanzer